Myths and Facts

   Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar   There are various risk factor to develop Diabetes. Age, Ethnicity , genetics and family history, overweight ,lack of physical activity, excess of alcohol and smoking are few of the risk factor.
    You'll know if you have diabetes by your symptoms.    Not always. Type 2 diabetes often goes undiagosed because it usually has few or no symptoms when it first develops.
    I have only mild diabetes.    No, Either you have diabetes or you don't have. There is nothing called mild diabetes.
    I can stop medicines if my diabetes is under control.    No, If your blood sugar is under control that means medicines are working right in your body. There is a chance that your blood sugar will increase again if you stop medicines. Your doctor will decide wheather to continue medicine or not.
    People with diabetes can feel when their blood glucose level goes too low.    Not always. Some people cannot feel or recognize the symptoms of low blood glucose, or hypoglycemia, which can be dangerous
    No one in my family has Diabetes, so I'm safe.    Not always. Their are many risk factors. Family history is only one of them.
   Diabetes can be cured.   No, Diabetes can not be cured but it can be controlled very well. Their are many treatment option available. Your doctor will decide best one for you.
   Diabetes can spread from one person to other person.    No, If you have someone in your family who has diabetes than you have higher risk but there are many other reasons also to get diabetes.
   You can not eat sugar if you have Diabetes.    No, sugar can be part of your total diet. Your doctor will advice you correctly.
   The diet for diabetics are very strict and you have to eat special food.    No, You have to eat same healthy diet which is good for everyone. Special diabetic food are costly and not necessary.
   Sugar free and Diet food can be eaten unlimited.    No, They contain equal amount of calories and carbohydrates and fat.
   Fruit is healthy so I can eat it unlimited quantity.    No, even though fruit are healthy but it also contains carbohydrates. Certain fruits can be taken in moderate amount.
   Carbohydrates Are Bad for Diabetes    Cereals, high fiber fruits and vegetables are good quality carbohydrates that are required for maintaining blood glucose levels.
   Diet Foods Are the Best Choices for Diabetes.    As with any food you choose, read the labels carefully to find out if the ingredients and amount of calories are good choices for you.
   People with diabetes should not exercise    No, Exercise is very important in keeping you blood sugar under control.
   You Can Adjust Your Diabetes Drugs to "Cover" Whatever You Eat    Most diabetes medications work best when they are taken consistently as directed by your doctor.
   Diabetes can be managed with herbs and other preparations.    No, some herbal treatment may lower your blood sugar but there is not much scientific proof available and they are not FDA approved.
   Women with diabetes should not get pregnant.    Women can have normal pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby provided if her Diabetes is under control.
   Gestational diabetes doesn't need to be taken seriously, as it will disappear after a woman gives birth    It puts both mother and child at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.
   Insulin cures diabetes.    No, Insulin controls your blood sugar when tablets and other measures are no longer effective in your body.
   If I use Insulin, I will get addicted.    No, Insulin is a hormone (medicine). It is not a drug to get addicted.